The CTMP offers personalized customer support to encourage business innovation and favours a global vision of innovation and a multidisciplinary approach, which include all stages of project realization, from design to marketing.

A diagnostic can be provided by the CTMP team of professionals to support you in the preparation of a management strategy for innovation adapted to your needs. The CTMP can also accompany you during the implementation and transfer of technology.


Services offered include:

  • Consulting and advisory services for organizations;
  • Strategic support for business development, communications, marketing and launch strategies;
  • Technical information research.


The CTMP offers a variety of benefits to foster business innovation:

  • Continued support through all steps of project development;
  • Efficient and professional service;
  • Direct and courteous communication;
  • Minimal administrative procedures;
  • Assured confidentiality;une politique
  • Flexible intellectual property policy;
  • Fast access to a wide network of external experts.



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