The CTMP participates in sharing knowledge and expertise through the contribution of its researchers to scientific and technical research. Each year, CTMP researchers publish multiple articles in various periodicals and magazines.

  • Compatibilization of Various PLA/Thermoplastic Elastomer Blends with Diisocyanate Coupling Agent. Vachon, A; Zhang, C.J; William Grey, W; L; Pépin, K; Vuillaume, P.Y., Plastics, Rubber and Composites: Macromolecular Engineering, in process.
  • Fluorohectorite/LDPE nanocomposites: role of organomodifiers and compatibilizer. Hu, L; Pépin, K; Bébin, P; Leclair, E.; Colas, F; Vuillaume, P.Y., The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, submitted.
  • Enhancement of Thermal and Mechanical Properties of High Density Polyethylene Using Commercial Clays. Hu, L., Leclair, E.; Diez, C.; Vuillaume, P.Y. International Journal of Plastics Technology, submitted.
  • The Effect of Cellulose Oxidation on Interfacial Bonding of Nano-TiO2 Thin Film to Flax Fibers. MReza, F.; Vuillaume, P.Y.; Elkoun, S.; Robert, M., Cellulose, 2017, 24, 3, 1529.
  • Compatibilization of PLA/PEBA Blends via Reactive Extrusion: A Comparison of Different Coupling Agents. Vachon, A.; Pépin, K.; Balampanis, E.; Veilleux, J.; Vuillaume, P.Y., Journal of Polymers and the Environment, article in press, 2017.
  • Physical and mechanical properties of PLA composites reinforced by TiO2 grafted flax fibers. MReza, F.; Vuillaume, P.Y.; Elkoun, S.; Robert, M., Materials & Design, 2016, 106, 295.
  • Field evidence of CO2 sequestration by mineral carbonation in ultramafic milling wastes. Karl Lechat; Jean-Michel Lemieux; John Molson; Georges Beaudoin; Réjean Hébert, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 2016, 110.
  • Clay/polyethylene Composites with Enhanced Barrier Properties for Seed Storage. Hu L., Leclair E.; Poulin, M.; Colas, F.; Baldet, P.; Vuillaume P.Y., Polymers & Polymer composites, 2016, 24, 6, 387.
  • The effect of grafting a nano-TiO2 thin film on the physical and mechanical properties of cellulosic natural fibers. MReza, F.; Vuillaume, P.Y.; Robert, M.; Elkoun, S., Materials & Design, 2015, 85, 671.
  • Thermal, Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Binary and Ternary PLA Blends Containing a Poly(ether ester) Elastomer. Vachon, A; Pépin, K.; Gagné Monfette, W.; Béland, O.; Rochette, A.; Vuillaume, P.Y., Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy, 2015, 9, 205.


  • Interfacial characterization of a functionalized cellulosic fiber reinforced PLA composites. Foruzanmehr, M. Morisse, S.; Vuillaume, P.; Elkoun, S.; Robert, M. International SAMPE Technical Conference; 2016.
  • Interfacial characterization of epoxy-resin reinforced with TiO2 coated flax fibers composites. Foruzanmehr, M.; Elkoun, S.; Vuillaume, P.; Robert, M. International SAMPE Technical Conference; 2015.
  • Physical and mechanical behavior of TiO2 thin film grafted flax reinforcements. Foruzanmehr, M.; Elkoun, S.; Robert, M.; Vuillaume, P.Y.; CAMX 2015 – Composites and Advanced Materials Expo; 2015, 1850.
  • Thermal, Mechanical and Morphological Properties of PLA Blends Containing Poly(ether ester) and Reactive Copolymers. Vuillaume, P.Y.; Vachon, A.; Pépin, K.; Gagné-Monfette, W.; ICBMC’14, International Conference on Biobased Materials and Composites, May 13-16 May 2014.


  • Creating super though, bio-based PLA materials. Vuillaume, P.Y., Vachon, A; Leclair, E.; Rochette, A.; Plastics Engineering, Février 2017.
  • La caractérisation des granulats pour les chantiers routiers au Québec, un atout majeur pour le Québec. Desbiens V.; Hébert R.; Via Bitume. Mars 2017.
  • Thetford Mines : une odyssée géologique exceptionnelle. Hébert R.; Ressources, mines et industries, 2016.
  • How to achieve sustainable conservation of orthodox seeds of forest tree species? Tree Seed Working Group News Bulletin 51(July): 6-7.; Colas, F.; Rainville, A.; Périé, C.; Vuillaume, P.Y. 2010.


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